these two were the definition

of true love

Think Hallmark. Think The Notebook. Just think about the best love story you know, this was that. 

Taylor & Chris were a 2022 bride and groom that we had the honor of documenting their wedding day. 

When they released the exciting news that they had just purchased their first home that was built in the early 1900s, and filled with tons of character that would need some painting and renovations, my brain immediately began to dream of the moments Garrett and I could document. After all, you only ever buy one “first” home, and it’s such a big moment in life. But that’s not where the excitement in this story ends…Not only was the home a big “first” for them, but Taylor let me in on the secret that they were expecting. 

So Garrett and I took the drawing boards. We knew we wanted a film and images that felt real in every aspect, not super posed or planned out…just real and in the moment. Bare feet, real laughs, authentic flirting, and just really natural romance. Essentially, we wanted to be flies on the wall capturing a soon-to-be mom and dad create memories that should be cherished forever, in detail. Well, we believe we did just that.

When we left this session, we felt proud and we felt like we had just told an amazing story without even seeing the raw clips and photos. 

So, on that note, we hope you enjoy the fully edited and perfectly crafted results from this day. This session will forever hold a special place in our hearts!

Make sure to watch the video :) It is literally spectacular!!

A Dreamy Film

Chris + Taylor

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