We are the Warwicks

Tatum + Garrett here! We are a husband and wife that started out as two best friends who had no idea they would one day get married and start a life together. Now, we couldn’t imagine life any other way!

We are head over heels in love with shooting weddings, and we might be a little biased but we believe we have THE BEST couples out there!

When we aren’t third & forth wheeling with our couples, we are most likely out on adventure in The Hill Country with our mini dachshunds, out riding our motorcycles, being huge foodies, and catching all of the sunsets and sunrises we can. We love to experience life and create unforgettable moments!

A few things about Tatum:

  • Lead Photographer at The Warwicks Collection!
  • Loves plants even though she sometimes kills them.
  • Could drink Matcha 10x a day!! 
  • Dreams of owning a dog friendly coffee shop (That makes some bomb Matcha, of course!)

A few things about Garrett:

  • Lead Videographer at The Warwicks Collection!
  • Enjoys playing the guitar
  • Could spend many evenings cooking out on the Bbq pit.
  • Always has a video camera in hand, even when we aren’t at a wedding!

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